Sustainability is not just about long term environmental protection but it is a huge part of it as it is intertwined with economic and social outcomes. It is about businesses making a profit ( economic) and people’s health and well-being (social aspect) protected and enriched in the long term. It is not about today. It is about tomorrow and years to come. To break it down:

a. If a business is not making money, it cannot cover its operational cost, it is bound to shut down

b. If the people’s well-being is being affected by the business operations, products and services the staff and community will revolt, and it will have to change its policies or eventually be shut down.

c. If the environment is harmed, the health and livelihood of the people and other living things in the eco-system will be affected. People and nature will revolt — It’s already happening — but in this case, the polluting businesses haven’t all shut down, but some have or are changing their processes – a current political issue. More climate action is required. Read more …..