Metal Recycling Program

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – Metal Containers Take – back Scheme.

EnvironFocus partners with organizations to make available a take-back scheme for their metal containers across Canada.

Objective: Reduce the environmental impacts of the metal scraps generated as a by-product of their business activities.

Types of Items Recycled

Recycling Process


Follow the Process

Step 1: Prepare your Metal Containers for pick-up

  1. Empty and Dry containers
  2. Knock out valve to depressurize the cylinders.
  3.  Remove lids from drums and buckets.
  4. Split the spray can in half/ Puncture a hole in the can.

Step 2. Schedule Pick up

Click picture to do the following:

  1. Provide your contact information
  2. Register your empty metal container
  3. Pay for pickup