LifeStraw Nigeria

Connecting Nigerian Communities to Safe Drinking Water

Testimonial 1

The technology is life saving especially in places where clean water is unavailable and are also facing security challenges that make access to clean water difficult or impossible.

Kyari Mshelia

Testimonial 2

I have used the portable water bottle and filter, as well as the communty water lifestraw filter.

Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Kida
Incident Manager

Testimonials 3

I have the portable flask and it works very well. I have also used the community filter and it was very good as well.

Dr Manuel Simon
Emergency Operations Manager

Testimonial 4

Great relief from germs and also cost effective.

Bertram Nwannekanma
Senior Environment Correspondent
The Guardian

Testimonial 5

I like and enjoy your product

R. A. Bako
Scientific officer
Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria

Testimonial 6

I got the LifeStraw Go! It really gives you that comfort that you are really drinking clean and safe water. Even with the water everywhere, you never can be too sure you know! You can’t say water is clean because its white! There are other particles you can’t really see with your naked eyes! I witnessed a testing on the product. It was really amazing! Its safe, its personal, its handy and you can take it anywhere you choose! I am very convinced to say that you can’t be sure of your drinking water, except you are using LifeStraw!

Bessy Azu
Operations Manager
Nemoil Nig. Ltd

LifeStraw Community Demo

LifeStraw Family 2.0 Demo

LifeStraw Go Stage 1 Demo

LifeStraw Community - Its Benfits

LifeStraw Go - Stage 1 - Its Benefits

Things you should know about LifeStraw Community

Quick demo of LifeStraw Family 2.0 and LifeStraw Community at the Distributors meeting in Kenya

Keynote Address by the Hon Minister of Health, Federal Republic of Nigeria at the LifeStraw Launch in Abuja, Nigeria - March 27, 2018

Status of Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Nigeria ( 2018) by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources at the LifeStraw Launch in Abuja, Nigeria - March 27, 2018