Waste Management Services

Our Solution

Our goal is to provide a safe and clean environment in communities we work. We plan and carry out waste evacuation activities that will minimize the negative health, environmental and aesthetic impacts of solid waste. We develop programs around key activities to ensure sustainability of the implementation process. Our solution will achieve SDG 3 РGood Health and Well being; SDG 11 РSustainable Cities and Communities; SDG 13 РClimate Action and SDG 17 РPartnerships.


Key Activities:

Environmental Awareness and Education

Develop and implement environmental awareness programs to educate the community about waste issues and their solutions. Solution will center around our proposed waste management strategy for their location. The goal is to ensure the community is on board and understand what is expected of them.


Waste Collection Services

Provide Waste bins to be used to collect waste in the different zones with the objective of promoting reuse/recycling/composting of waste in these zones prior to removal and disposal.


Recycling Technologies

We introduce, promote and pilot various reycling technologies with the objective of implementing these technologies in the communities we operate. Studies have shown that the major component of waste generated in Imo State is biodegradable (62%)s while non biodegradation  accounted for 31.6%. This implies composting and other technologies can be used to minimize or eliminate waste going to the dump sites. There will be opportunities to create a viable bio-economy and circular economy, which is the direction the world is going.


Coalition with Recycling Business Community

We liaise with various recycling businesses to pick up recyclable material for their commercial value at a cost or free depending the value proposition.

Partnership development with other Interested Organizations

We partner with interested organizations locally and internationally to ensure that the waste in Imo state is managed efficiently and our environmental impact is minimized. 


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