About Us

EnvironFocus™ is a sustainability services firm with a social enterprise outlook established in 2010. Our focus is on improving the sustainability performance of organizations and communities through activities that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

We operate from two locations – Canada (EnvironFocus Incorporated) and Nigeria (EnvironFocus Limited)

Our clients are Private and Public Sector Organizations, Governments and Individuals.

Our Activities:

  • We provide environmental management and regulatory services to a broad client base ranging from small-large organizations in varied sectors. Such services include Sustainability reporting.
  • We work with public, private, and non-profit sectors to gather information and formulate policy, legislation, regulation, and standards for environmental issues or practices.
  • We work with clients to develop and implement projects/programs that meet their triple bottom line – economic, ecological and social goals.
  • We advise organizations on appropriate planning to comply with local and international policies, legislation, regulations, and standards, including international standards such as the ISO 14000 series and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and avoid prosecutions for environmental infractions
  • Facilitate formal and informal education/training sessions (workshops, tours, seminars, conferences) using classroom or online platform on environmental and sustainability topics
  • EnvironFocus operates transboundary sustainability programs/projects that provide a platform other organizations anywhere in the world can tap into as their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. They come on board as implementation partners. The popular programs are (a) EnvironFocus Knowledge and Culture Exchange Program (EKCEP) (b) Safe Drinking Water for Nigerian Communities. Other projects include Sustainable Project Development Africa and Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria.  
  • We own and operate an online magazine – EnvironBuzz – Mag, our Knowledgebase, where we share knowledge and provide our perspectives on environmental and social issues from a global perspective. We also use this platform to recognize/showcase clients and other organizations, making positive impacts on our ecosystem.
  • We are responsible for the distribution of LifeStraw (an instant microbial water purifier) in Nigeria

Our track record show:

  • We have solution-oriented ideas that addresses current sustainability issues.
  • We transform ideas into workable projects and programs that are measurable, goal oriented and meet the triple bottom line.
  • We develop strategies and build sustainable partnerships
  • We work across continents
  • We mobilize people into action.

Our mission:

To work with our clients to develop and implement innovative solutions that can improve any organization’s sustainability performance within communities they operate

Our Vision:

An organization built on integrity and resilience, positioned to innovate and implement sustainable solutions that cut across continents, improving lives and increasing our client’s triple bottom line.

Our Purpose:


  1. Create awareness of the necessity of individuals, communities and organizations to assist in the development of communities in need.
  2. Provide organizations and communities with solutions that lead to sustainable business development and showcase successes to a broad market.
  3. Promote and market clean technology


Who are EnvironFocus Clients?
Our clients include: Governments, Non-Profits, Businesses, Educational Institutions and Community groups.
What are the goals of Environfocus?
  • Develop sustainable partnerships with organizations
  • Transfer knowledge and technology of workable initiatives with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint in the fight to combat climate change.
  • Create the awareness of the necessity of organizations to assist in sustainable development of communities and to promote clean technology
  • To put forth the understanding that the actions that are taken need not be done singly but as a group
Who are the people that make up this organization?

Obie Agusiegbe is the founder and CEO of EnvironFocus. EnvironFocus is built on a network of highly motivated group of experts that possess integrity, experience, contacts and skills essential to maneuver through today’s global environment.



Our Partners


Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria

Recycling Council of Ontario

Whole Woman Network

Rotary Club of Mississauga – Airport

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada

Net Impact Ghana

Hb Solar Canada Inc

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

TREC Renewable Energy Co-Operatives: Solar Share

Community – Based Initiative for Growth and Sustainability, Abuja

Rotary Club of Brampton, Canada

Rotary Club of Owerri Central

Dynamic Solar Tech

Frankensolar Americas Inc

Biochar Ontario

Nxt Level Energy Inc




Sanitation And Hygiene Education Initiative (SAHEI), Maiduguri, Borno

Oluchi Group International

Halton Environment Network

Borealis Wood Power Corp

Akachi Farms

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