EnvironFocus™: Global Environmental Management and Sustainability Partner!

EnvironFocus™ is your dedicated global partner for designing and executing high-impact environmental and social programs and projects. As a Canadian-based organization, we specialize in collaborating closely with clients to not only diminish their carbon footprint but also amplify their positive societal influence both locally and on a global scale

Our Mission

At EnvironFocus™, our core mission revolves around collaborating hand in hand with clients to conceive and actualize pioneering solutions that enhance the sustainability performance of any enterprise within the communities they engage with.

Our Vision

We embody a vision that stands firmly upon principles of integrity and resilience. EnvironFocus™ envisions an establishment that propels innovation and seamlessly implements sustainable solutions transcending geographical boundaries, ultimately enriching lives and bolstering our clients' triple bottom line.

Together with EnvironFocus™, you're not just embracing a partner, but an advocate committed to fostering enduring environmental stewardship and societal advancement. Join us on this transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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Our Steps

At EnvironFocus™, we diligently guide our clients towards achieving their objectives through a strategic sequence of expertly crafted steps. Our proven methodology ensures precise goal attainment while maximizing efficiency and impact. Discover how our meticulously structured approach propels your success.

01 Knowledge Base

Our clients are introduced to our knowledge base.

02 Register with ELC

All clients register in our EnvironFocus Learning Center.

03 Consultation

We work with our clients to identify their requirements

04 Action Plan

Based on their requirements, we develop an action plan.

05 Implementation

We implement solutions that work with our client's existing processes.

06 Report Results

We communicate our clients' journey on EnvironBuzz.


Our Journey

Where we have been.


We signed a 3-year agreement with the Toronto District School Board to provide sustainability educational programming for youth in grades 4-12 in the district.


A member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Community and Ontario Environmental Industry Association


We started a Youth Mentorship Program in partnership with the University of Waterloo Co-op Program, partially funded by the Government of Canada's Canada Summer Job Program under the Employment and Social Development Services and Student Wage Subsidy Program by the government.<br />


Signed an agreement with Carlisle Construction Materials, USA, to develop and operate an on-demand Recycling Program for them. Partnered with Purolator Canada and 20 Metal Recycling companies in Canada makes, this program feasible.


Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Ministry of Health to pilot with evidence generation, LifeStraw in selected health facilities in Nigeria to successfully provide safely managed drinking water services within these facilities and eventually all federally owned hospitals in the country and selected Cholera epidemic – prone communities (including Schools and IDP camps in the Communities) in Nigeria.


Our Skills

Our services are turnkey as we not only recommend solutions but also develop and implement programs to ensure you have the blueprint for continuous improvement.

Reason people to go with EnvironFocus

We have solution-oriented ideas that address current sustainability issues. We transform ideas into workable projects and programs that are measurable, goal-oriented and meet the triple bottom line. We develop strategies and build sustainable partnerships. We work across continents. We mobilize people into action.

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