The Challenge

Our environment is constantly changing. As our environment changes, so does the need to increasingly involve businesses and local community to get actively involved and spread the word.  How do communities find solutions to environmental and sustainability issues relating to homes, communities, businesses and more importantly how do we spread knowledge?

The Solution

We understand the need to involve the community in our business and that of our partners globally to facilitate knowledge transfer of environmental solutions and how they can be implemented. To meet this need, we have created an online community – EnvironBuzz

EnvironBuzz is for people interested in finding solutions to  environmental and sustainability issues as it relates to our homes, communities, businesses and workplace are discussed. We generate awareness of the various global and provincial environmental initiatives available to the communities. EnvironBuzz is open to everyone. Various online forums via social media have been created to enable the sharing of ideas and knowledge transfer to the community – EnvironBuzz facebook  and EnvironBuzz meetup

We carry out events that include tours, conferences, training workshops and seminars within these communities in partnerships with interested organizations. Our trademarked events are Eco Tours and Exhibition (international)  and Eco Rendezvous (local).

Other Services

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