Urban Gardening Project – A pilot project – August 2015

We started a pilot urban gardening project in Lagos, Nigeria in August 2015. The decision to do the project in Nigeria was as a result of the idea that Nigeria and Africa as a whole, is poor and have serious food insecurity issues. We are of the belief that if individuals take responsibility for the food they eat and go back to planting their own food in their backyards, no matter how small, there will be more food available in these communities. In Nigeria, more people especially young people have migrated to urban areas where land is sparse and expensive. In communities like these, community gardens are definitely the way to go. For individuals that own their own home and have space to plant a garden, replacing shrubs, flowers and junk yards with a garden is definitely the way to go.

Our project is being done in a family home that has their own space. In this case, a junk yard was cleared to make way for the garden. We have planted about 17 different crops such as Kale, Spinach, Swiss chard, Tomatoes, Basil , Mustard, Lettuce head, Cucumber, Salad mix, Water melon, Egg plant, Carrots. The seeds used were all organic and was purchased from Akachi farms in Ontario Canada. All 17 seeds have germinated. We are hopeful that all 17 crops will flourish. More pictures on how the crops are doing can be viewed at http://www.environfocus.com/photo-gallery/. ‪#‎FarmYourWayOutOfHunger ‪#‎Sustainability ‪#‎GrowYourFood ‪#‎FoodSecurity

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