Connecting Community to Sustainability (CCS) Program

EnvironFocus would like to assist environmental conscious organizations like yours to market your environment friendly products and services in exchange for a remuneration agreed by both parties. We will do this by educating new and old clients through community education workshops, information sessions, site visits and via social media. A part of our earnings go into community development projects in Africa.

EnvironFocus Incorporated has been educating the community via workshops, site visits and seminars and via social media under EnvironBuzz on environmental and sustainability issues and solutions since 2010. We have over 7005 EnvironBuzz members ( go to link registered on our site, over 7000 subscribers. These numbers excludes our Facebook page (EnvironBuzz: 3553), our twitter account (255) and our meet-up site ( 147) and we are constantly growing. Partnering with your organization will ensure that we, EnvironFocus, continue to educate the community on environmental issues and their associated solutions.

This partnership will benefit your organization as studies have shown that when clients understand the relevance of a product/service to their well being, that product/service moves from being a ‘want’ to becoming a ‘necessity’. Our goal is to assist environment conscious organizations connect the dots between their products/services, the environment and prospective clients and the general public.

  • Our workshops/seminars/tours will provide a platform to do the following:
  • Promote your organization
  • Inform potential clients about the opportunities available
  • Inform your clients on why buying your product and services can enable them play their part towards saving the environment
  • Introduce more clients and close more business deals.
  • Educate clients on environmental issues and its relevance to ourselves, community and the environment.

Please contact us at any time to discuss this proposal via email at or phone at 18664631104. For more information about environfocus go to Our community pages are Twitter @EnvironBuzz,, and Thank you for your business.

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