A Snippet of my Entrepreneurial Journey

Recently, I was asked, “What was I doing when I turned 35 and how does that relate to where you are now?

35 was a pivotal year for me. I committed fully to a dream of hosting an international event on Climate Change that brought together policy makers in Africa and Canada to discuss Climate Change and the part we all must play in adapting and mitigating a changing climate.  The event was called ” Eco Tours and Exhibition – Urban Environmental Management Learning Tour and Exhibition of Canada”.

There were so many challenges experienced during the process of organizing the event. To some, it may have been a failure especially since the turnout was lower than expected and there was no financial gain, but I knew with conviction that it was very successful because my goals were met. The participants, especially the then Ghanaian Minister of Environment saw the event as a huge learning experience, ” An eye opener” in his own words.

Financial gain has never been the overriding factor in deciding whether a project or a program should be embarked on neither has its popularity. Decisions to embark on projects and programs have always being based on the relevance to the beneficiaries and the positive impact on the environment with financial gain as the icing on top.  Some may say that is not good business but then focusing on financial gain only, has lead the world to the environmental mess we currently find ourselves. I am very passionate about my business and its purpose and will continue to work hard to make sure it is sustainable.

The Eco Tours and Exhibition was an innovative event as that time. I knew it was the beginning of things to come. I was right. It marked the beginning of my company, EnvironFocus. Till date, EnvironFocus has continued to educate communities on Environmental Management and Climate Change with excellent feedback. I am glad I documented the event for posterity.

See report from the event below. Click here to see event flyer.

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Obie Agusiegbe

A Certified Environmental Professional with over 18 years in the sector. Focused on collaborations with organizations to provide African communities with access to clean technologies that are climate resilient and meet their basic human needs in an equitable manner.

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