Another EKCEP has began | EKCEP - SDG 2 - 2.4 2021.

Another EKCEP has begun | EKCEP: SDG 2 – 2.4 Apr 2021

Another EKCEP has begun | EKCEP: SDG 2 – 2.4 Apr 2021.

Another EKCEP has begun, and in this school 2021 edition, we introduce SDG 2 – Zero Hunger. The target focus is Sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices. EKCEP is a transformative youth educational program. It provides a platform for teachers and children from developed and developing countries to solve sustainability issues affecting continents together. Our goal is to provide students with the help of their teachers with the resources they need to help find solutions. Solutions that can aid the world’s effective transformation into a better place for all.

Participating schools are Central Peel Secondary School, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and St. Patrick College, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. In addition to meeting the SDG 4: Education, the program meets SDG 2: No hunger, SDG13: Climate Action, and SDG 17: Partnerships. As the program proceeds, we may meet additional SDGs. Participating students are from Grade 9-12 (JSS 3 – SSS 6). The program runs from April 27 – June 25, 2021, for nine weeks. 

A cross-section of students(Group B) of St. Patrick’s College Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria; at the EKCEP session today, May 14, 2021

Funding for EKCEP frequently comes from partnerships with organizations interested in supporting the education of youth in developing innovative solutions for sustainability and addressing the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We provide our partners with access to our network through the EnvironBuzz Magazine and our social media platforms. This collaboration sets their business apart from their competitors, attracts new clients, improves their reputation, and expands their network, improving market share and profit margin. Click here to find out more.

The organization supporting the Nigerian students is iSERVE2050. iSERVE2050 is an experiential leadership training platform building a new alaIgbo, one youth and woman leader at a time. 

We are currently in week 3, and in week 4, the students, as with past programs, will be running fundraising campaigns to raise money for a community project. In this edition, the funds raised will go towards constructing an Aquaponic food system to be built in two places: in St. Patrick’s College grounds for the community and an indigenous community in Canada. The purpose of a fundraiser in EKCEP is to give the students direct experience of raising capital for social projects that financial institutions may not otherwise fund to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our world. Bearing the fundraiser in mind, the students will be looking for your support. And we hope you will look out for them and support their campaigns. 

EKCEP: SDG 2 – 2.4 2021 is an initiative of EnvironFocus faciliated by Obie Agusiegbe. There are sixty participating students and four teachers. We thank the schools, students and teachers for participating and for iSERVE2050 for ensuring that St. Patrick’s College participated in this program. This EKCEP will be meeting multiple SDGs—Click here to find out more about how your organization can benefit from supporting our youths through EKCEP. 

Another EKCEP has began | EKCEP: SDG 2 – 2.4 Apr 2021.

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