Brave Soles, a Female Owned, Ethically producing and Globally Inspired Brand

Brave Soles, a Female Owned, Ethically producing and Globally Inspired Brand

Brave Soles is a female owned, ethically producing and globally inspired brand. EnvironFocus wants to thank Brave Soles for donating gift cards for our giveaway in June 2021. We are very grateful to have partnered with this environmentally conscious fashion company. 

The Brave Soles Story

The story of Brave Soles, a female-led company began when an idea struck Christal Earle, the Founder and CEO of Brave Soles. As the founder of an international youth humanitarian organization, Christal had been working and learning from a local community of garbage dump workers on the north coast of the Dominican Republic since 2005. During her time there, she noticed that there was an overwhelming amount of tires in the garbage dump which attracted mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases and created a toxic environment. In 2017, Chistal had an idea that gave birth to Brave Soles. She thought why not use tires for soles on beautiful handmade shoes?

This is the story of how Brave Soles started, and it continues to grow through its team’s curiosity and inspiration from questioning how they can create something that is a growing reflection of their love for the people and the planet. One of the ways that they believe in is the possibilities in upcycled tires. 

Creating Positive Change

Brave Soles is Creating Positive Change by: 

Focusing on using hand-cut upcycled tires in their designs

They focus on upcycled tires instead of recycling tires because of the complexity in the process of recycling tires. Breaking down tires is a complex chemical process that gives off toxic gases in the process. That is why Brave Soles uses a hand cutting process that does not release toxins or chemicals. 

Providing Equitable Employment through their Artisanal Processes

Their employees and contractors are paid well above the standard wages in-country and they ensure that all of their employees and suppliers are employed ethically: from wages, to vacation time to health care and working conditions. 

Doing Carbon Neutral Shipping

They are partnered with Green Story to invest in carbon offsetting projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation and energy efficiency. Brave Soles already uses eco-friendly fabrics and employs sustainable manufacturing practices to reduce CO2 emissions but it’ll take time to get all the way to net zero, and that is where carbon offsets come in. Brave Soles buys carbon credits from projects that are equal to their unavoidable emissions. It is simple to do carbon neutral shipping like Brave Soles does. If you are interested and would like to learn more, visit: 

Offering Fair Pricing

Brave Soles brings conscious fashion at a fair price. They price their products by taking into account the quality of the products and ensuring that everyone has been treated fairly along the way and their artisans are well compensated.

Step into Sustainable with Brave Soles

You can learn more about Brave Soles and shop their sustainable and ethically produced products here: 

Brave Soles, a Female Owned, Ethically producing and Globally Inspired Brand

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