Climate Action in a Developing Economy

Climate Action in a Developing Economy Webinar

This month we did a webinar focusing on SDG 13, in addition to SDG 3, 11, 12, 17. This SDG promotes urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. The two-day webinar provided great insight into how Lagos in Nigeria is implementing a Climate Action Plan, associated challenges, and an entrepreneurial approach to a circular economy. Day 1 was lead by our guest speakers Maximus Ugwuoke and Michael Omoniyi Bankole, and Day 2, we had Daniel Bede O’Connor.

Maximus Uqwuoke is the C40 City Advisor to Lagos. He provides technical assistance to the City’s Political Leadership, relevant Ministries, Departments, and Agencies to facilitate a Climate Action Plan (CAP) in line with the Paris agreement. He recently delivered on this role leading to the launch of Lagos CAP in a colorful State Ceremony and is now changing his focus to statewide implementation around vertical integration and mainstreaming. Before joining C40, he has had a flourishing career in Lagos State, working in various Environmental Departments such as waste management, sanitation services, Conservation and Ecology, Climate Change, and Environmental Planning. Maximus had a great speaker session explaining what C40 City is, their involvement on a global scale and why it is so significant for cities to take climate action.

Our second speaker was Michael Omoniyi Bankole, an Assistant Director and the Head of Climate Change & Environmental Planning Department with Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. He has been involved in several activities on waste management, signage, advertisement, and policy formulation and development. In 2010, he was a field officer in the National Program on the National Field Inventory of the Nigeria – Africa Stockpile Program sponsored by CIDA and FAO. The program took him across the country, identifying and taking stocks of expired and obsolete chemicals and equipment. During his session, Michael took us through how Lagos is implementing a Climate Action Plan and its impacts on the transportation sector, waste and recycling sector, and the energy and building sector. Furthermore, he touched on the challenges faced in developing the Lagos Climate Action Plan and solutions.

On Day 2, Daniel Bede O’Connor spoke, the founder and head of customer happiness at Warp-it, a reuse network for organizations based in the UK. Daniel has been with warp-it for ten years, since 2011, and his main focus is on the Circular Economy, specifically extending the lifespan of products. Before his time with Warp-it, he was an Instigator and in strategic business development at Sustainability Mentors. Daniel has also acted as a Waste manager for Newcastle University and as a freelance. Before starting his professional career, Daniel attended the University of Hull. He obtained a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies and later got a Masters of Science in Clean Technology from Newcastle University. He spoke on his experience in turning a waste problem into a business opportunity and how he is contributing and promoting a circular economy.

We want to thank all our speakers for taking their time to share knowledge and information on the work their work relevant to taking action against climate change. We are also grateful to all those who attended our webinar. For those who were unable to participate in the webinar, we will provide the recordings below.

The Webinar Recordings

C40 Cities and What They Do + Surmounting the Challenges Faced by Developing Economies to Develop and Effective Climate Action Plan

Waste and a Circular Economy

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Climate Action in a Developing Economy Webinar

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