Climate Action – We need to act now

Your environment (air, land and water) is continuously being degraded, and you, your spouses, children and parents are dying or suffering from serious health issues. These health issues are mainly due to cell mutation leading to illnesses such as cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer, and so on. Plants and animals are mutating, evolving or dying. The weather conditions are getting harsher.

Where you live doesn’t matter

You may live in countries that have social assistance, but health services are being cut and restrictions are being applied on how you can access the available ones due to increasing health care cost. On the other hand, you may live in countries without social assistance leaving you to fend for yourselves, your loved ones and bury your dead – Its survival of the fittest in these parts. Either way, you are still sick.

The Artic Melt

Scientists are telling us that our world is about to change from what we know of it and this is because of the fast-melting Arctic resulting from global warming. Global warming caused by man-made activities like oil drilling. Innuendos of doom and gloom awaiting us all. While there are many United Nations and Governments ‘talks’ about mitigating and adapting to climate change happening everywhere, these same Governments are fighting over who will drill the Arctic oil in areas that have already melted in 2019! Oil drilling, a known process that has done serious harm to our environment, our health and the health of our loved ones. Yes, it has put money in a ‘few’ pockets but at what cost? What is all this economic power struggle about? Who benefits from all this craziness? Not you. Your health deteriorates every single day.

You have the power

Your future is looking bleak. You need to act. You have the power. A lot of groups are already understanding their power and taking control of their lands. An example is the Waorani people of Pastaza, who won a historic ruling in Ecuadorian court protecting half a million acres of their territory in the Amazon rain forest from being earmarked for oil drilling. Your Governments and leaders base their political agenda on public opinions – your opinion, so you need to speak up and stop being afraid. If you make the environment and your health priority, they will make it their priority.

What you need to do

Stand up for what’s right. You need to make your voice heard and participate in your government’s decision-making processes. You need to ensure that funds are used for the right reasons and in the right places and technologies and products that harm you and your family are not pushed on you because of other people’s greed and need to control and monopolize resources. Ask the right questions, but to ask the right questions, you need to be informed about the issues and solutions available that will be sustainable long term and will meet your monetary, social and environmental needs. Read, attend information sessions on these issues, ask questions and demand answers. Social media, if used the right way, is a tremendous learning resource. Do this for yourself, for your children and their children. Step up and act because we all have a part to play in making the earth a better place for ourselves and future generation

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