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Climate change – We have to adapt or become extinct

The world is changing and whether we like it or not the climate is changing. We have to live according to the changing climate otherwise we become extinct (die). We have to look for ways to stay on land in spite of the floods, tsunamis, fires, desertification, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, heat waves and so forth. I have highlighted a few climate change adaptation measures below that people need to be aware of.

With rising sea levels, we have to build our homes on higher ground. It is crazy to think that homes are still being built by water bodies and crazier to see that they are still the most priced real estate. You begin to wonder whether people do not see what is happening around them. We, think we can get more creative trying to control the rising sea levels when it is inevitable. According CBC, based on Canada’s Changing Climate report, Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, said in an interview that projections of 75 centimetres to one metre of relative sea level rise for the East Coast by the end of the century are “a wake up call and a call to arms.” 

Farmers in Africa and elsewhere have to continue to look toward drought resistant crops to ensure food is available in spite of the desertification taking place. We have to review traditional methods of growing food and animals and see how we can merge the old with the new. According to Allan Savory, TED2013, overgrazing may not be the reason for desertification after all. We have to go back to having small gardens in our homes – backyards, front yards, balconies (small pots) for those that do not have space. We should reduce our dependence on others for the food we eat. Grocery stores shouldn’t be the only source of our food. This will go a long way to addressing food insecurity issues.

With the soil erosion taking place in parts of the world, we have to plant more trees to hold the soil together. Deforestation (cutting down of trees) for whatever reason has caused a lot of harm to the environment. Filling up of wetlands is another wrong activity, that is happening, which needs to stop.

In developed countries, insurance premiums are increasing because considerations are now being given to the possibility of damage to property from natural disasters. Developing countries, like Nigeria and most African countries haven’t gotten that far and still do not have the institutional capacity to provide adequate economic and social  assistance for its people. Without international assistance, they may be the first to go extinct, if we do not act fast. But then again, some may say that due to the Africans resilience to hardship they may be the ones to survive extinction after all.

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