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ECO Canada is the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada, and their focus is job creation, wage funding, and training to champion end-to-end careers of environmental professionals. They promote and drive responsible, sustainable economic growth while also ensuring that environmental best practices remain a priority.

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ECO Canada

ECO Canada partners with Employment and Social Development Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada to provide Canadians with environmental job opportunities and career advancement. They have a 29-year history, and their mission is to “ensure an adequate supply of people with the demonstrated skills and knowledge required to meet the environmental human resource needs of the public and private sector.

With the undeniable and rising impacts of climate change within society and globally, there is growing pressure for private and public organizations to adapt and pivot business practices to be more environmentally conscious and responsible for their actions. This pivot has led to an ever-growing need for environmental professionals and the adaptation of sustainability into corporate policy and regulation. However, it is hard for many organizations to allocate enough budget and resources to create environmental roles. This area is where ECO Canada has made a significant impact in alleviating some of the financial pressures so organizations can create these new opportunities sooner than later.

That being said, ECO Canada provides a variety of programs that enforce and enable environmental careers. Funding for jobs and wage subsidies allow organizations to bring on new hires and open up new environmental job positions, of which EnvironFocus is a beneficiary. Environmental Professional Designation provides for individuals to distinguish their careers, leading to more opportunities. Job boards and career fairs create dedicated spaces to display environmental job opportunities all in one hub.

Lastly, learning opportunities and courses allow individuals to take steps in advancing their careers as environmental professionals.

EnvironFocus has partnered with ECO Canada and utilizes their funding and wage subsidies to bring on interns and co-op students to help manage our programs and facilitate our business.

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