EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition evaluation and wrap up children

EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition – Conclusion

The EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition concluded on June 29, 2020. The Rotary Club of Brampton funded the program on behalf of the Interact club members/ students at Central Peel Secondary School, Brampton. The students’ learning of the topic, “Access to clean water and sanitation (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) under the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” was evaluated by members of the Rotary Club of Brampton and the District Governor (2019 -20), District 7080. According to the evaluation, the program exceeded the intended learning outcomes and goals set at the start of the program

EKCEP Activities

In line with the evaluation, it is right to say that the students assimilated the required fundamental knowledge and skills through the completion of:

  1. Series of engaging learning experiences that included scavenger hunts, forum discussions, project fundraisers and zoom meetings with international experts. The international expert were Joy Olagundoye (Executive Director,C-BIGS ) and Kyari Mshelia (Project Coordinator, EnvironFocus)
  2. International development projects that provided much-needed assistance during this COVID 19 Pandemic to a developing country with inadequate social welfare systems. They successfully raised enough funds via GoFundMe to provide the following:
  • Two instant microbial water filters to two maternity units in two hospitals in Nigeria.
  • Liquid soap to one hundred breastfeeding mothers living in an internally displaced people (IDP) camp in Nigeria for sanitation and hygiene purposes.

The success of the projects stemmed from the successful fundraiser carried out by the students because of learnings got through the program and EnvironFocus’s implementation partners in Nigeria. The implementation partners were:

  1. Community – Based Initiative for Growth and Sustainability (C-BIGS), a local NGO based in Abuja.
  2. Sanitation Hygiene Education Initiative (SAHEI) in Maiduguri, Borno State.
  3. Rotary Club of Owerri Central in Imo State

Our implementation partners were great to work with, and they delivered the projects in a timely fashion that helped the students understand the full impact of the money they raised. This program highlights the advantages of sustainable partnerships between organizations. In a sustainable partnership, organizations that come together share a single goal with differing modes of operations. They come along with the intent to share resources and, in so doing, can extend their reach. EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition started with a focus on addressing SDG 6 through the provision of SDG 4 (Quality Education), and because of our implementation partners ended addressing other SDGs such as SDG 3, 5,13, 16 and 17. Subsequent posts will have more information on the projects and partners.

Learning Transferred from the EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition

The learning transferred to the student was substantial because they left with a clear understanding of their role as Youths in aiding the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, specifically SDG 6 (access to clean water and sanitation) and its connection to poverty alleviation. This program has developed their self-confidence, which has led to self-growth and increased wiliness to transfer and apply knowledge learnt in their communities. 


Providing our youths with adequate resources to understand and address the current needs of today and the future is key to achieving the UN 2030 Agenda and we have successfully done that with these group of children. I want to thank the The Rotary Club of Brampton, District 7080, for funding the EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition and Uche Okugo, Director, Youth Services (2019-20 for approving the program for the Interact Club members ensuring the program took place and offering assistance as needed. Ms. Heather McPhail, the teacher in charge of the students, was extremely helpful in bringing the students together and getting them adjusted to the program. Successful students each received a Certificate of Completion Award.

As a result of the success of EKCEP: COVID-19 Response Edition, we are empowered to continue the work we have started. We are currently working on a new EKCEP initiative beginning in September 2020, expect more information soon. Information about EKCEP can be seen at www.environfocus.com/EKCEP or send an email to EKCEP@environfocus.com.

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