EKCEP in S-Tee International Secondary School – Progress Report

The S-Tee International Secondary School teachers and students in Lagos, Nigeria have been working very hard at implementing EKCEP in their school, which has led to  the enhancement of their curriculum and engagement of their students at a higher level than they would have pre- EKCEP.  The teachers leading the program are the Principal – Mr Emmanual Akpata and his JSS. 2 teachers:  Mr. Lanre Akinola and Mrs Uzumma.

Mr. Lanre Akinola and Mrs Uzumma have successfully introduced the program to their students. See pictures below.

The students are currently working on their Aquaponics Models.  Depending on the success of a particular model, one will be chosen to construct an actual Aquaponics System in their School. S-Tee international Secondary School is a boarding school and the food produced via the Aquaponic System will be used to feed the Students living on the school grounds. See pictures of Model development below:

Click here for previous post on EKCEP. The EKCEP initiative will be showcased at the upcoming EnvironFocus Show and Tell by the partnering school – Morning Star Middle School, Ontario Canada (Interact Club) Grade 8 Students. The next EnvironFocus Show and Tell will take place April 29, 2017. Click here for more information.

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