EKCEP Project - Constructing an Aquaponic Farm and Identified Partners

EKCEP Project – Aquaponic Farm has new Partners

EKCEP Project – Aquaponic Farm has new partners. EnvironFocus has partnered with the Rotary Clubs in Awka and Nature Harmony Foundation to bring the EKCEP Project – Constructing an Aquaponic Farm project, to reality.  We are ready and excited to move on to the next steps to implement the EKCEP project in St. Patrick’s College, Awka, Nigeria. Here is some information about EKCEP Project – Aquaponic Farm new partners.

Nature Harmony Foundation

Nature Harmony Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Markham, Ontario, focused on promoting, facilitating, and empowering effective stewardship of the Earth. We will be implementing their Aquaponic Farm Biome technology, which is different from the conventional Aquaponics farm. The difference lies in the use of an artificial wetland to create a biome. Working with Nature Harmony will ensure the project is built within budget and with more efficient water use. All resources used in making the Aquaponics Food Biome will be sourced locally in Nigeria. 

The Rotary Clubs in Awka Zone

The Rotary Clubs in Awka Zone consist of the following clubs: Rotary Club of Awka, Rotary Club of Awka-NAU, Rotary Club of Njikoka Abagana, and Rotary Club Nsugbe. EnvironFocus has always partnered with Rotary due to matching values and mandates. They will manage the project under the leadership of Assistant Governor of District 9142, Rtn. Joan Emegakor. The Rotary clubs will raise the remaining funds required to implement Nature Harmony’s innovative Aquaponics Farm Biome. Another exciting news is that all 20 Nigerian EKCEP students will form the Interact charter club in the College and be the founding members of the first Interact Club of St. Patrick’s College, Awka. The Rotary Clubs Awka are looking forward to implementing more Aquaponic farm biomes in different high schools in Awka under EKCEP.

Team and Roles

In addition to the EKCEP Project – Aquaponic Farm has new Partners, we will be working with a local team that will include ISERVE2050 (current EKCEP Sponsors), Father Osita (YOWAMCA), Father Celestine (the School Manager), a local expert in fisheries, and the EKCEP students and their teachers to build the biome. Nature Harmony will oversee the technology and ensure its proper application.

We also want to thank everyone who donated to support the Zero Hunger GoFundMe Fundraiser that our EKCEP students did and ISERVE2050 for sponsoring these students, ensuring that the Nigerian students participate in the program. We are very excited about this project because it will leave a long-lasting positive impact on the community and will be a step forward in achieving Zero Hunger. You should expect more updates as we move through the process.

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