#EndBadGovernance among international stakeholders required for our way forward

#EndBadGovernance among international stakeholders required for our way forward

#EndBadGovernance among international stakeholders required for our way forward to a new normal following the #EndSARS protest. As my readers know, I am Nigerian and a Canadian, so I advocate for African and Nigerian things and do many of my projects in Nigeria. During my online protest for #EndSARS, I stumbled on this tweet.

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I read the article attached, and I was YES! let us discuss this. We might as well delve into all our issues apart from #EndSARS.

#EndBadGovernance | Lack of inclusiveness in international aid organizations

Now, who understands people better than their own? I have been to training sessions on international development, where all the leading experts coming to present projects from Africa are not indigenous to Africa. Why? Yet there are many Africans successfully starting and completing projects in their countries using limited resources.

When I listen to someone, a non-African, or someone who has not lived or has family or history in Africa speaking about a project from my homeland, I feel Africa is just a business or a job to them. There is a disconnect I feel about the issues they present because they do not understand the people’s way of life. No empathy because they have never lived as an African or a black being. They have only studied, and one can only learn so much. You have to live it.

To an African, Africa is home to their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and generations that have come before them and will come after them. Forget the corrupt politicians and individuals; as you can see from the #EndSARS protest, that is not the average Nigerian. According to the Laws of Attraction, we attract who we are. So if your organization is corrupt and looking to disburse aid or do a project in Nigeria, you will attract corrupt entities no matter the race or colour—white, black, green or yellow.

People’s livelihoods are at stake, and there is no need for “Africanwash” projects by International organizations.

Remember, in the pre-colonial and pre-industrialization era, Africans lived just fine. They did not need aid from anyone until their resources, treasures, lands were stolen from them. With industrialization, their air, water and lands have been polluted, and they are now having to deal with issues they had no hand in creating with minimal resources #climatechange. How aid is received and given to vulnerable people affects their health and mental well-being, impacting their livelihood. You purport the idea that Europeans or westerners or easterners are superior to the African when you predominantly use a non-indigenous person as the deliverer’s face—same old colonization rubbish. These are the consequences of ignoring diversity and inclusion in international project development and implementation.

It is not okay to blackwash/Africanwash (like greenwash) projects. For example, recruiting Africans/Nigerian as ushers or MCs in an event concerning Africans or Black people but have Caucasians as the main organizers and experts on a topic that affects the African of Black person. I have experienced this scenario a lot of times. Besides, international organizations working with corrupt governments expecting to get work done are deceiving themselves #EndBadGovernance. International organizations know this and have experienced this firsthand several times, and they still go back for more, refusing to work with any other entity. Isn’t that craziness? Or is it the Law of Attraction?

The outcome of working with non-indigenous people who have no links to Africa or corrupt governments is that the projects are not sustainable. Waste of resources—money and time are the modus operandi. A capacity-building project that can quickly be done using a budget of 100,000 USD will have a 1 million USD or more tag attached. The difference would have met the needs of the people ten times over. Is this not absurd? #EndBadGovernance

Our way forward to a new normal to #EndBadGovernance

#EndBadGovernance among international stakeholders is paramount for our way forward to a new normal. Following the #EndSARS protest, as we go into the #newnormal, everything should be up for discussion in coming up with solutions on how to do better with what we now know about the Nigerian people. The average Nigerian/African is smart, intelligent and capable of advocating for themselves. They know that things can only get better if they do things their way, with their people because they understand what matters to them. Their actions, celebrations or processes may look crazy to a non-African, but who cares? That is how they are motivated to do more. Following frameworks foreign to their way of life does not work. It stifles their creativity. They are brilliant at what they do.

Check out some interesting tweets from #EndSARS #EndBadGovernance that give you a peek into the Nigerian mind.

I found the tweets so interesting that I had to showcase them here. The first tweet below is a tweet I quoted by @EzrealAni that says, “Someone made and brought an #EndSARS Cake to Lekki Toll Gate Protest #EndSWAT.” I said, “Building economies in time of #EndSARS#EndSWAT protest. I have never seen this happen anywhere else in the world. This is Nigerians doing things their way….with flair”. Many buying and selling of goods and services are going on during this period, and it’s fantastic to watch. Failing small businesses because of COVID 19 are being revived using the inflow of funds from external sources supporting the protest. 

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I also quoted the tweet below by @Naijablogger that says, “Food arrangement for Ibadan Protesters #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality.”. I said, “Nigerians still thriving in chaos. See protest food. On a serious note, it is a skill that a lot of people do not possess.” This is very true because most people become disoriented and coil up. Still, Nigerians always find a way to throw a party. Their default state of mind is happiness.

@Mochievous tweeted, “Taking a breather to acknowledge this amazing news. Stripe acquisition of Paystack which is estimated to be around $200m is the biggest startup acquisition to date to come out of Nigeria, as well as Stripe’s biggest acquisition to date anywhere. @Mochievous is celebrating the two Nigerians youths who recently become millionaires from the purchase of their startup, Paystack, by Stripe.

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And finally, a tweet from @Moechievous I quoted that says, ” I’m so emotional. EVERY lawyer I have randomly called from our volunteer list since yesterday has left what they were doing & headed to the police station immediately. No one has said “no” or “later.” One had even just picked up her baby from daycare. Nigerians are amazing.” I said, “We (Nigerians) are beautiful people with beautiful hearts. I hope the world will see us for who we are. #EndSARS”. And yes, I do mean that in all sense of the world because we indeed are amazing!

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#EndBadGovernance among international stakeholders required for our way forward to a new normal following the #EndSARS protest.

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