EnvironFocus Show and Tell – November 25, 2017 – Vendor Promotions – Lumex Instruments Canada

Lumex Instruments Canada, Canada-based company (located in Mission, British Columbia) specializes in R&D and manufacturing various types of analytical instruments for environmental sector, including mercury analyzers.

Lumex Instruments Group has over 20 years’ experience in analysis of different parameters in air, water, soil, food and particularly in mercury detection. Our series of mercury analyzers have been used in detection and analysis of mercury in gas, liquid and solid samples.  For instance, Lumex 30B mercury monitoring toolkit for stack emissions testing is USA EPA approved and used by more than 150 facilities (coal-fired power plants, steel manufacturers, waste incinerators) in the USA and more than 50 facilities in China.  Our technology is wide-spread all over the world and is included in many research papers. Canada is an active party to Minamata Convention on Mercury and Canada is committed to protecting the environment and health of Canadians from toxic substances. The government of Canada has ratified this Treaty, and Lumex advanced technology in mercury detection and analysis is willing to make contribution to the protection of environment in Canada.

Other Lumex Instruments applications for environment include, for instance, anions and cations (ammonium, sodium, potassium, sulphate, chlorate, calcium, magnesium, nitrate, nitrite, strontium, barium, fluoride and more) in water and soil, semi-metals in water, surfactants, uranium and boron in water, total petroleum hydrocarbons in water.

EnvironFocus Show and Tell is taking place November 25, 2017, 2-8pm at 157 Lakeshore Rd W in Port Credit in Mississauga. Interested green vendors and sponsors visit www.environfocus.com/show-tell/

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