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Our passion is to promote awareness at the local and international levels on the subjects of environment, spirituality and humanitarianism. By growing together, we will achieve extraordinary things that few people dream of and positively affect our lives and our planet.

Each week we will welcome WIN GREEN Speakers to discuss different topics surrounding our lives and the environment. These interviews will inform, entertain and inspire you. We hope that you will enjoy each one of them!

We offer you a monthly or yearly WIN GREEN Membership that will give you full access to our interviews, documentaries, workshops & seminars, and even discounts to our live events!

About WIN GREEN Online

WIN GREEN Online is a Not-for-Profit organization committed to increasing awareness of societal and environmental issues for the New Green Economy! We provide a platform for like-minded individuals, by allowing us to expand on worthwhile causes: opportunities to promote your business on our Green leaders Directory, developing environmental strategies and bring green solutions for your Green living, business, family, and mind, body & soul.

Join us for our weekly Live Interviews with Amazing Guests Speakers, Live Workshops / Seminars, our Green Leaders Directory to add one more platform to promote your green business. There are also WIN GREEN Resources, a curated list of recommended Videos, Books, Products, and tools that will support your journey to Think and Live Green!

Our Chief Environmental Officer

Nikole Bélanger
Founder & CEO of WIN GREEN

My goal in founding WIN in 2000 was not just about creating a Women Organization for networking and exchanging business cards. It was about creating a circle of friends who seek to Think and Live Green in their personal, professional and spiritual lives! By investing in a sustainable future as the world becomes more interconnected, it is extremely important to work together for a strong economy and a safe environment.

Having to live and survive several personal challenges throughout my life, I was inspired to create a space for women to pursue their passions and empower themselves to reach their full potential. Later on, I recognized the need to restore a balance of male and female energy, leading me to welcome men into the WIN community. Bringing men on board created a Win-Win situation, complementing our existing membership and allowing us to shift from an Egocentric position to that of an Ecocentric. Join us and be a part of the change you want to see in the World!

“We are currently experiencing a transformative time with respect to our economy, our environment, we recognize the need for unity and our vision is to create alliances that not only impact each other, but also the future of our planet.” — Nikole Bélanger


EnvironFocus Show and Tell is taking place April 29, 2017 at the Living Art Centre, 4141 Living Arts Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 4B8 from 12-6pm. For information about the EnvironFocus Show and Tell go to www.environfocus.com/show-tell/. For information about how to be a green vendor, visit: www.environfocus.com/green-vendors/.  For more information about EnvironFocus and what we do visit: www.environfocus.com

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