Food Security, Agriculture and You

The business of agriculture has become increasingly capitalized and industrialized, resulting in the removal of the consumers from the process of food production. This separation of consumers from the food producers is a fundamental source of non-sustainability that has lead food insecurity.

We should look into sustainable agriculture options that will lead to increased food production within communities. It could be as simple as creating backyard gardens in individual homes, to empowering small scale farmers to increase food production. It could also be replacing the shrubs, flowers and green lawns in home designs with orchards at the development stage in residential home construction. Also to compliment traditional agriculture, alternatives such as hydroponics systems and aquaponics systems may be developed, especially in areas where land has been degraded by extensive use of pesticides, poor farming practices, drought, and environmental degradation from industries.

We should also look at building food processing plants within the farming communities to ensure that food produced does not go bad because of limited storage options and logistics

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