Operation Mmiri | Safe Drinking Water Project

Operation Mmiri | Safe Drinking Water Project

We have some great news to share – Operation Mmiri (water), our latest Safe Drinking Water Project was successfully commissioned on July 20, 2021. Operation Mmiri is a water scheme located close to the Health Center in Alachara Mgbowo in Agwu LGA of Enugu State in Nigeria. This project was made possible by our donor, Happy Dynamics Inc.

Happy Dynamics Inc., The Donor

Happy Dynamics Inc. is a manufacturer of a device that automatically cleans paint applicators on robotic paint lines. They believe that cleanliness is the most critical aspect of running a high-performance paint line. All coating applicator manufacturers and painting experts agree that clean, dry parts and equipment are fundamental to high first-run capability. Still, as paint leaves the applicator, it is contaminated with overspray resulting in paint defects. Happy Dynamics Inc. has created a solution to this problem. Their applicator cleaners effectively clean and dry dirty applicators, eliminating paint defects caused by applicator contamination.

We are thankful for all the work that Happy Dynamics Inc. is doing, saving millions of dollars in wasted time, paint, parts, and person-hours. We are grateful to have worked with this company to provide safe and clean water in Nigeria. Their donation to our Safe Drinking Water Initiative has made it possible to empower a community that needs our support.

The Project Impact and Details

Operation Mmiri, commissioned by Happy Dynamics Inc., involved:

  • Drilling an electricity-powered borehole.
  • Providing a 4000 litres storage facility.
  • Constructing a 5-tap island.
  • Purchasing a generator and adding additional plumbing to connect to the surface storage tank located in the Health Centre.

Based on the work done, the water scheme was completed within time, scope, and budget. We are happy to let you know that the community now has access to safe and clean water! 

We love to partner with an organization like Happy Dynamics Inc. that wants to improve lives through our Safe Drinking Water Project. The Safe drinking water project is a Corporate Social Investment opportunity. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations to assist poor Nigerian schools, villages, orphanages, internally displaced people (IDP) camps, health centres, etc., with access to safe drinking water and sanitation and hygiene workshops. We work from a place where every partnering entity meets its primary objectives for collaboration. The partnership is transparent, fair, equal, and non-discriminatory to all sides, a win-win for all. 

You can partner with us to provide any or all of the following: Instant Microbial Water Filters, Borehole/ Water Schemes, and Sanitation and Hygiene Workshops. Interested organizations can get in touch with us by emailing us at programs@environfocus.com!

Operation Mmiri : Our New Safe Drinking Water Project made Possible By Happy Dynamics Inc.

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