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Our Projects are African Focused

EnvironFocus projects are African focused because we want to be part of Africa’s development success story. We understand that without targeted global support, Africa may not withstand the effects of climate change – Climate change being the ultimate threat to human existence. We also want to create awareness of the necessity of individuals, communities, and organizations to assist in the development of communities in need. Four issues which we consider discussed below:

1. Most African countries lack institutional capacity to provide welfare services for her people.

Most African governments prioritize economic development above the social well being and environmental management, which has shown to lead to an unsustainable development with no future for our children. The West can attest to this. Though they are rich, their environment has been severely degraded, given rise to a very sick populace that all the money in the world cannot cure. Unfortunately, their lousy decision has led to global warming, which affects everyone on earth. Wealth is said to be power, and all nations are fighting the struggle for power at the expense of the environment and its people, which should not be the case.

2. Africa is shortchanged with having poor leadership

There are so many reasons why Africa consistently has poor leadership. The world depends on Africa for its natural resources. Shouldn’t this make Africa one of the wealthiest continents in the world? Especially If it is the source of income for continents and economies? One thing is for sure; the African people are yet to understand their power in this world.

3. Africa deals with post-colonial issues

They deal with post-colonial issues and other countries fighting her over her resources and leaving her in constant turmoil and her people in a state of continuous lack. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, Former African Union’s Ambassador to the United States of America, speaks of this in the video below.

4. Most Vulnerable to Climate Change

African nations are among those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and are also the least prepared. According to UNFCCC, Africa is not a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. She accounts for only 2–3 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions from energy and industrial sources. According to the World Resources Institute, Africa’s per capita emissions of carbon dioxide in the year 2000 were 0.8 metric tons per person, compared with a global figure of 3.9 tons per person.

EnvironFocus Project Objective

Our Objective is to create and implement capacity-building projects taking into consideration the economics, environmental, and social well being of the people. Projects that are diverse and inclusive; and encourage interested clients across the globe to implement within their organizations as their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. – Win-Win projects

Project Examples Include:

EnvironFocus Knowledge and Culture Exchange Program; Safe Drinking Water for Nigerian Communities, Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria


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  1. EnvironFocus is doing such an amazing job educating on climate change and sustainability. The platform that Obie has put together is so unique and her understanding of the issues is beyond compare! Great job, Obie!

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