RainBarrel.CA: Preventing Flooding with Rain Barrels

As rising temperatures melt the snow off of lawns and sidewalks, municipalities’ concerns turn to ensuring all of the water added to the system doesn’t lead to overflowing rivers, streams and lakes. Spring and summer rainfall leads to rising water levels, and overflowing bodies of water can be dangerous, edging into walkways on riverbanks and at coastlines. Rain can also cause flooding in basements and contaminate local water sources with pollutants it picks up after hitting rooftops, roadways and sidewalks. These negative side effects can have serious and long-lasting impacts on environmental systems.

On a city-level, it can be costly and time-consuming to alleviate the pressures of flooding. Localities can keep stormwater storage clean, and treat water contaminated by pollutants, but flood prevention projects work best when residents play a role as well.

In order to reduce the impact of rainfall on local water systems, residents can collect rainwater to be used during dry seasons with a rain barrel. Rain barrels provide a free source of water that is ideal for vegetables, trees, and plants because it does not contain fluoride and chlorine, which are added to many municipal water systems. They enable residents to collect water through the rainy season for use during dry summer months. When outdoor water restrictions are in place, water from a rain barrel can be used to wash vehicles or water lawns. Residents can also use the water to clean floors and do laundry, and having a source of stored water can be beneficial if an emergency ever arises.

EnvironFocus has officially launched their rain barrel sale in partnership with RainBarrel.ca to raise money for their Safe Drinking Water for Project with a recognition of the need for and the value of rain barrels to prevent floods and promote a greener future for our society. For more information about the fundraiser contact obie.agusiegbe@environfocus.com or call 18664631104 or 6475017741.

Residents can reduce flooding and keep their home’s water supply clean through the spring and summer by ordering a rain barrel in advance. Rain barrels begin at $55 and can be ordered at www.RainBarrel.ca/Environfocus

Flooding is a serious concern for cities all over Ontario, as it is damaging to the environment and property. Through local government measures and action on the part of citizens, we are best able to prevent future floods from harming our waterways, cities and homes.

About RainBarrel.Ca

RainBarrel.ca reclaims food grade barrels and repurposes them as rain barrels. Once used to transport fruits and vegetables, they now offer years of reliable service as rain barrels. Partnering with various non-profit organizations, RainBarrel.ca helps stage truckload fundraisers in communities across Canada with new communities added each week. Email Larry Pomerantz at Larry@RainBarrel.ca or call 905-545-5577 for more information.

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