Report of World Water Day Celebration in Takalafiya, Bassan Jiwa, AMAC, Abuja

In commemorating the year 2020 World water Day, having triggered Takalafiya community members using CLTS+ approach, monitored them through household latrine construction, gaining a better understanding of hygiene practices and construction of hand-pump borehole, the implementing partners C-BIGS, EnvironFocus and IBWU on 21st March 2020, marked the WWD by introducing the community to safe water chain. C-BIGS sensitized the community on how households can manage their water effectively to avoid contamination.

The celebration came to its climax as the borehole which was constructed for the community was commissioned and handed over to the community through the WASHCOM members. An agreement was signed between the implementing partners and the community, with the community taking ownership of the borehole and accepting to take full responsibility for its maintenance.

Community members expressed their great delight by thanking partners for enlightening them on the implication of open defecation and its adverse effects on their overall well being. They mentioned how the rate of fecal-oral diseases and infections have reduced since they started adhering to the new practice of defecating using the toilets and handwashing at critical times.

Community member promised completion of all unfinished latrines and installation of tippy taps for effective hand washing.

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  1. I visited this community. The people are so appreciative of the borehole provided. They now have access to clean water and do not have to travel far. Good job to all concerned.

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