Resource Efficiency: The 3Rs' Webinar

Resource Efficiency: The 3Rs’ Webinar

Resource Efficiency: The 3Rs’ Webinar

We targeted SDG 12.5 – Reduction of waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse, for our August webinar. The webinar was titled Resource Efficiency: The 3 R’s as the speakers discussed organizational waste management activities, innovative approaches to increasing resource efficiency and Extended Producer Responsibility. We want to thank all the speakers for their informative, inspiring and insightful presentations and also everyone for who took out the time to attend! The guest speakers were Muhammed Omotola, Eric Holland and Obie Agusiegbe.

Muhammed Omotola is a Programme Officer at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). His career in UNEP began in the summer of 2001, where he worked briefly with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention developing projects on ‘Handling of Health Care Waste’​ and as a consultant in the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention tasked with the successful implementation of a GEF global medium sized project on “Support for the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)”​.

Eric Holland is a part of the Sustainability team at Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM). CCM is a $1.7 billion division of Carlisle Companies. It employs over 2,400 and operates 24 plants in North America and 5 in Europe. It is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products for the commercial and residential construction markets. Carlisle has been a recognized leader in the roofing industry for nearly half a century, offering high-performance single-ply roofing solutions that include EPDM, TPO, PVC and roof garden systems.

Obie Agusiegbe is the Founder and CEO of EnvironFocus Incorporated, Obie, is a Certified Environmental Professional under ECO Canada with an Environmental Manager designation. She has over 19 years of experience spanning different sectors, including oil and gas, manufacturing, government, non-profit, pharmaceutical, and consulting in Canada, West African Countries, and overseas. Obie’s competencies include Environmental Site Assessment, Waste Management, Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000 series and Life Cycle Assessments), Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Environmental Sustainability, Natural Resource Management, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), GRI Sustainability Reporting, Training and Workshop Facilitation, Health and Safety, Community Outreach and Development, Project and Program Management, Research and Business Analysis, Website Design.

“From the current pandemic, there is a lot of waste being generated through it from masks, from PPE’s, from folks who need support in the hospitals, from syringes and so on, so this is a huge pile of healthcare waste which has to be given medical attention to be dealt with and handled properly as it cannot be disposed of without proper measures.”

“We are working in collaboration with governments, some site NGOs and international organizations in trying to mitigate the impact of this global health crisis that we are facing now and trying to control the release of chemical and waste.”

“Being responsible with your materials from cradle to grave is becoming more of a thought in everyone’s minds and that has definitely taken away at Carlisle.”

“The reason why we wanted to do this container recycling program is because once the product leaves our warehouses, they end up somewhere and we wanted to take a hard look at this because the major product that I am involved in is the commercial grade adhesive and our packaging types range from cylinders…, all the way up to drum style packaging … and you can imagine when those are getting thrown away instead of properly recycled, that’s a large hit to our environment.”

“EPR is an acronym for Extended Producer Responsibility and that is dependent on the degree of producer involvement in designing and operating and/or financing the program. EPR gives the producers importers and brand owners the full responsibility of reducing the environmental impact of their products and packaging, from conception, design, production, distribution to usage and disposal.”

“Many developing countries are still having difficulty understanding and dealing with the waste stream. With EPR at play, companies should consider these countries when designing products for their market.”

The Resource Efficiency: The 3Rs’ Webinar Recordings

Waste Management Activities of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) by Muhammed Omotola

An Innovative Approach to Increasing Recycling Efficiency – EnvironFocus Inc and Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM)

Resource Efficiency: The 3Rs’ Webinar was very informative and the Speakers were great. Special thanks to our client, Carlisle Construction Materials for participating in the webinar and our recycling partners for attending the webinar. We hope you enjoy watching the recordings of the webinar. If you are interested in attending our future webinars, please keep an eye on our EnvironBuzz Mag, Newsletter or Social Media to stay updated. Our next webinar will be happening in September!

Webinar Update

From Now on, we will also be live-streaming our webinars on Facebook. You can join us every month for our webinars on Zoom or through our Facebook Lives which will be posted on our website. The Facebook Live link will be posted on many of our pages including EnvironBuzz Mag and all of our Facebook Pages. You can follow us on Facebook @EnvironFocus, @EnvironFocus Knowledge and Culture Exchange Program and @EnvironBuzz.

Next Webinar Coming Up

Our next webinar will cover SDG 13 in addition to SDG 3, 11, 12, 17. The webinar is titled ‘Climate Action in a developing Economy‘ as it will cover developing a Climate Action plan, highlighting the challenges faced, especially in a developing country. Challenges include Human Capacity gaps, lack of political commitments, vested interest in coal and oil, Finance, etc. The case study will focus on energy, transport, and waste in Lagos State. You can save your spot by registering using the button below.

Resource Efficiency: The 3Rs’ Webinar

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