Safe Drinking Water Needed Urgently in Nigerian Communities Impacted by the Flood. Pictures included

Below are pictures showing the disastrous effects of the recent extreme flooding that took place in Nigeria as a result of heavy rainfall, exacerbated by climate change. It has already been term a National disaster by the Nigerian Government. These pictures are from one of the nine affected states in Nigeria. In this state, there are currently almost 18,000 men, women and children displaced from their homes and living in the camps. Their livelihoods have been greatly affected and by the way, there is a cholera outbreak in this state. The affected communities are in desperate need of safe drinking water and help will be greatly appreciated by the people. Once the water recedes, they will have serious ground water contamination, and will still need access to safe drinking water as a post emergency response measure to control the spread of cholera, which is expected to increase. Other waterborne diseases are expected to increase as well.

EnvironFocus is currently partnering with organizations that are interested in helping these communities with access to safe drinking water as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. It is in an opportunity get involved in Nigeria and know about the country especially, if interested in doing business there, now or in the future. You may also adopt it as a charitable cause. One LifeStraw Community ($430), currently in stock in Nigeria can serve 70 – 100 people and will go a long way to helping these communities in desperate need of help. If we are able to get large orders, the cost goes down. Please call Laura at 18664631104 or Ijeoma at +234 8181356287 for more information or send an email to or click here to purchase LifeStraws for these communities.

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