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OSEA gladly donated support to provide cleaner drinking water in Nigeria recently, and the work was overseen by ENVIRONFOCUS whose CEO Obie Agusiegbe has a long history with us as a former Board Member.  OSEA hopes to assist more companies in becoming Green Exports in Climate and Water technologies to Africa and globally through its efforts in this area.” Dan Goldberger, President and Chair OSEA

Ontario Sustainable Energy Associated in Ontario, Canada through the Safe Drinking Water Project for Nigerian Communities provided beneficiaries with access to safe drinking water on the 2nd of September 2019. OSEA represents the entire sustainable energy sector. OSEA’s members include green technology developers, distributors, installers and operators and other service providers. LifeStraw Family 2.0 is an instant Microbial Water Purifier that removes 99.99% of bacteria, virus and protozoa present in any water source without the use of chemicals.


1. Oregun Primary Health Care Centre

Oregun Primary Health Care Centre in Ikeja, Lagos, located at 34 Kudirat Abiola Way, Onigbongbo, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria received two (2) LifeStraw Families 2.0. The Health Care Centre is a Walk-in clinic used by the indigenes of Oregun with no safe drinking water source. There are approximately 75,000 people living and working in Oregun.

At the centre, one LifeStraw Family 2.0 was placed in the waiting lounge, while the second was placed in mother and child ward. Mrs. Modupe Janet Atotileto, Chief Matron is the contact person at the centre.

With this donation, at the minimum, medicines can be administered to patients with ease. This is because prior to receiving the purifier, patients had to source for their own drinking water before they could take their medicine. In addition, the risk of patients with HIV/AIDS contacting cryptosporidiosis is eliminated because LifeStraw removes Cryptosporidium, a protozoan parasite that causes watery diarrhea, which has developed a resistance to chlorine..

2. Peculiar Chukwuemeka

Peculiar Chukwuemeka received a LifeStraw Family 2.0. She is a single mother living with her daughter and her sister in a small one room apartment in Ikorodu. She is a very good hairdresser that does the best she can for her family despite of her financial difficulties. She goes to her clients’ homes to make their hair. The community where she lives has no safe drinking water source. Prior to receiving the LifeStraw, she drank unsafe water from a bucket water making her family susceptible to all kinds of waterborne and water related diseases like most Nigerians.

3. Veronica Ugwu

Veronica Ugwu received a LifeStraw Family 2.0. She is a widow, living in two rooms with her 5 Children in Oregun. She is a petty trader. She is a hardworking woman that does the best she can for her family. The community also has no safe drinking water source. Prior to receiving the purifier, her family drank unsafe water or when possible, bought sachet (packet) water like 60% of Nigerians do. Most sachet (packet) water in Nigeria have been found to be unsafe for human consumption.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank OSEA for partnering with EnvironFocus via the Safe Drinking Water Project to help these beneficiaries with access to safe drinking water. By doing so, OSEA is keeping money in the pockets of these beneficiaries (patients and families); allowing them to meet their other basic needs like food and shelter; eliminating the need to constantly buy water and medicines to treat waterborne and water related diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A and guinea worm that they need not be suffer from so frequently. Your goodwill is greatly appreciated.

Partner with EnvironFocus

We are constantly looking for organizations and individuals interested in aligning their activities to sustainability initiative like this one. Initiatives like this, keeps your employees, clients and investors happy and loyal to you because you generate a lot of goodwill for your organization. This does increase your market share and improves your profit margin. It helps humanity and the environment – a win-win. Information on the Safe Drinking Water Project can be found at More information about EnvironFocus and its other projects can be found at or send an email at We can also help you design your own initiative and integrate it into your current business processes. Partner with us today to create a better world for our children.

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