SCAN’s 14-Day Campaign | Day 1 – Climate Change

Climate change has become an increasingly discussed subject in recent years, and you most likely must have heard it mentioned or spoken about at one point or the other. You may just be wondering, “What’s all the fuss? I mean, climates and seasons have been for thousands of years, and we’re suddenly bothered about them now? The Earth always finds a way to heal itself, I’m sure.”

Many people are of this school of thought and are thus, indifferent to matters concerning climate change. This indifference is because they are either misinformed about the subject matter or know very little or nothing about it. While it’s true that our ancestors didn’t have to bother about climate change and its effects, we should also realize that they lived a different kind of life compared to ours today and related with their environment quite differently as well. Let’s have some basis, to begin with, shall we? What exactly does climate mean, and what are the changes associated with it?

When you meet someone for the first time, an old trick to keep the conversation going that never fails is to talk about the weather. “It’s quite sunny today; the clouds earlier this morning gave me a bit of a scare.” There you go, acquaintance is well underway. Now, in doing this, you’re talking about the climate, right? No, you’re not. Many mistake them for each other, but while the weather is the present state of the atmosphere, climate refers to the long-term regional or even a global average of temperature, humidity and rainfall patterns over seasons, years or decades.

Climate change then is simply a long-term change in the average regional and global weather patterns. This phenomenon is responsible for when winter, for instance, begins well later than expected, or the temperature during summer becomes considerably higher than summer temperatures recorded in the past. Okay, so what? What if climate changes? What about it? There’s everything about it! With these changes come several effects that cause harm to not just man, but animals, plants and the environment as well.

In Canada, climate change poses dangers and life-threatening situations to Black, Indigenous and other racialized communities. This danger is because they are often neglected or bypassed when laws are made to protect affected regions.

Thus, this campaign is set to provide enlightenment on the adverse effects of climate change in Canada, particularly on those suffering from environmental racism, and how they can be reduced or averted through adaptation and mitigation measures. Join us again tomorrow as we dive into the causes of climate change together.

SCANForBillC230 ─ 14 Days Campaign | Day 1 – Climate Change

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