SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign | Day 14 –Conclusion/Call to Action

SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign | Day 14 –Conclusion/Call to Action

What a fantastic journey!

Today brings us to the end of this 14-day campaign, and we’re confident that you enjoyed every bit of it.

Like we have established so far, the climate crisis is indeed massive and urgent. It is a reality that is affecting millions of people across the world, especially the most vulnerable.

However, you and I can be either enablers of this crisis or catalysts to drive the change we most desperately want to see.

How? You may ask.

Well, you can start by

  • reducing emissions in your own life by practicing the 5 Rs of waste management.
  • letting people in your circle know you support climate-smart policies,
  • helping businesses and organizations that embrace renewable energy and practice sustainability.
  • helping your community adapt by learning how your area is vulnerable to climate change and advocating smart policies that reduce risk.
  • supporting local initiatives that help people prepare for and recover from extreme weather events
  • simply turning off all light bulbs when not in use to conserve energy.

Let’s not forget that Bill C-230, which contains practical steps to combating environmental racism and inadvertently climate change in Black, Indigenous and other Racialized communities, will be deliberated upon again this month. If you want to support the passing of the Bill C-230 at second reading, send a mail, a tweet or place a call through to the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Health, and MPs all over the country. Let them know why you support the passing of the Bill and the need for Canada to have environmental racism legislation. You can also write to the Bloc Quebecois, if you’re a French speaker. You can also sign the petition started on –

The little things matter, as you must have noticed already through the course of the campaign. We are stewards of the earth charged with the responsibility of nurturing and preserving her, not to debase and exploit her.

Now, this is the part where we would love to hear from you! Please send us your feedback and comments on any portion of all we discussed during the campaign. You can also provide your thoughts on the topic of climate change adaptation and mitigation in general.

Thank you for following us through. Long live Canada!

SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign | Day 14 –Conclusion/Call to Action

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  1. Bill C-230 National Strategy to Redress Environmental Racism Act
    An Act respecting the development of a national strategy to redress environmental racism got the support it needed and was passed at second reading. It will now move to the third reading, more support is still needed. Thanks to all who signed the petition and to does who did their part to ensure that the bill was passed

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