SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign | DAY 6 - Climate Change : Adaptation

SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign | DAY 6 – Climate Change : Adaptation

One crucial trait all living organisms need to exhibit for survival is the ability to adapt to certain climes and conditions. Especially when it isn’t feasible to change things overnight, adapting, for the time being, is necessary as plans for long-term solutions are set in motion alongside.

With climate change being one of the greatest threats to the planet, any species’ failure to adapt would only resort to the extinction of such species. Climate change adaptation involves adjusting to the present or expected climate change and its effects. To a certain measure, we have begun to adapt to some of these changes. People in colder regions, for instance, dress heavily to keep warm. At the same time, light clothes are the order of the day in hot areas. Even some plants and animals are evolving to adapt to changes in their habitats, while those who can’t quickly enough are dying out at a rapid rate.

The objective of climate change adaption measures among humans is to regulate or avert harm and make the best of an existing situation, responding to it as required. However, the requirements for adaptation vary in various locations. It is dependant on the vulnerability and sensitivity of that location to the impacts of climate change. Developing countries, being most vulnerable to climate change impacts, are faced with the need to adapt,

Adaptation is a necessary response to climate change that we have to exhibit to ensure our survival and generations’ coming after us. To go about this, we have to implement efficient adaptive measures and strategies to protect us from the life-threatening effects of climate change. Tomorrow, we would be looking at these workable strategies.

SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign | DAY 6 – Climate Change : Adaptation

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