SDG 13 Climate Action Webinar

SDG 13 Climate Action Webinar

Last week, we had our second Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Webinar. This month’s webinar was dedicated to SDG 13, Climate Action and we were joined by people all over the world to hear Luca Brusa, Pedro Carvalho and Pablo Fernandez share their knowledge on this topic. Our guest speakers provided everyone with valuable and latest information on UNFCCC, the current status of climate change, climate opportunities, policy developments on carbon removal/mitigation technologies, market perspectives and trends and carbon finance. Here is a sneak peek of what we all learned:

Luca Brusa

“Unleashing the full potential of the Paris agreement will not only address climate change but help the world move forward from Covid-19.”

“The best day for climate action was yesterday but the second best day is today.”

Pedro Carvalho

“Its clear that we have a trend preferring carbon removal technologies and also community-based projects as opposed to the CDM era.”

“For compliance carbon markets governmental engagement is fundamental. For voluntary carbon markets the answer is not that clear – personally I feel that governments have a role to play in creating enabling conditions and facilitation to the market, but it shouldn’t intervene in the markets.”

Pablo Fernandez

“Compliance markets are usually markets which are reliant on a government setting up a bunch of regulatory requirements, creating a carbon price and then company’s having to pay somehow either through a carbon tax or a cap and trade scheme, also commonly known as carbon markets, to pay for carbon that they need.”

The Webinar Recordings

UNFCCC, The Current Status of Climate Change & Climate Opportunities By Luca Brusa


Policy Developments on Carbon Mitigation/Removal Technologies, Market Perspectives & Trends By Pedro Carvalho

Carbon Finance by Pablo Fernandez

We want to thank our speakers and all the attendees for joining us on June 17 and 18 for our event!

Monthly Webinars Just for You

We have an announcement! We will be bringing you these webinars every month. We will bring in experts each month to talk about a specific Sustainable Development Goal. Our webinars will be happening during the third week of each month and will span 2 days. The Day 1 of the webinar would provide an organizational perspective or an overview of the Sustainable Development Goal and on Day 2, we will bring you people and organizations leading the change with practical solutions, innovative technologies and more. The purpose of these monthly webinars is to bring you the latest high-quality knowledge on each Sustainable Development Goal and connect you with the people and organizations leading the movement to achieve them.

So stay tuned by subscribing to our mailing list here and following our social media on our Link-tree here by scrolling all the way down. We look forward to seeing you and interacting with you at our monthly webinars. The next one will be happening on July 15 and 16!

SDG 13 Climate Action Webinar

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