Show and Tell: Green Ideas, Products and Services (GIPS)

Now more than ever with the ever growing list of environmental challenges the need to go green has become a top priority and solutions lies with the people and their way of life. Many cultures promote innovative ideas and practices to promote a green lifestyle.  The challenge lies in promoting these ideas and practices and bringing them to businesses and to the community – the Show and Tell event is meeting that challenge.

The event is an EnvironFocus initiative. It promotes green businesses as well as educates the public on green alternative lifestyles gleaned from different cultures. The event showcases ‘Green’ as well as ‘Culture’. Most cultures promote conservation of resources and use little or no chemicals in their way of life and therefore can be classified under the green category, in most cases. This can be experienced in food, drink, cosmetics, health, wellness, technology and more. This event aims to bring small green businesses and people that need them together.

The Show and Tell: GIPS is also a celebration of the Green Entrepreneur. The Green Entrepreneur or Vendor is one that offers environmentally conscious products and services. She (he) does her (his) best to reduce the impact of her (his) services/products on the environment by using systems, products and service providers that do little or no damage to the environment. A true Green Entrepreneur is one that takes the path least traveled; goes against the norm advocating for a behavioural change; and trying to make money in the process. Green Entrepreneurs are dreamers because only dreamers’ dream of things that are not real but dreamers are the ones that change the world because they dare.

The event is a free event and everyone can attend.  The first Show and Tell: GIPS took place March 26, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Mississauga, 40 Admiral Boulevard, Mississauga. The next one will be taking place June 11, 2016 from 10 am – 4pm at the same location. If you are a Green Entrepreneur/Vendor and would like to participate; a business or individual that would like to sponsor the event or an individual that would like to attend the Show and Tell: GIPS event visit for information. You can also send an email to or call Laura at 1 866 463 1104 ext 105. For more information about EnvironFocus visit Our lives and that of our children are at stake. Let us do our part to make the world a healthier and safer place to live.

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