Significance of the Movie – Deepwater Horizon

The movie – Deepwater Horizon is significant because it reminds us of an Eco-system disaster that caused irrevocable damage to our world and no matter how good BP oil PR team was, it did not take away the fact that something terrible had happened to all of us – human, animal, plant etc (our Eco-system).

The discussion/question is: Do we really need to put people’s lives in danger so we can drill oil? A recent promotional video clip confirms that everything/being connected to the drilling process is in unspeakable danger. From the people operating the oil rig to the surrounding Eco-system (water body, land, air, animals, plants, residents etc) are in danger. Considering that there are no borders in connecting water bodies and in the atmosphere, the resulting pollution gets moved around the globe and cannot be contained in an area, which puts all of us in danger as well…..So why do we do it? Why do we still drill for oil? Why are we still building new oil rigs?

We need to apply Precautionary Principle in this matter and not just the Polluters Pay Principle. We have other options for power generation and we need to focus on harnessing cleaner energy sources. People should watch the movie to remind themselves of what happened in April 2010 and to understand the enormous danger surrounding the operation of an oil rig especially when the oil rig was the largest ever built (The larger the risk, the more the harm once an incident occurs). No matter the magnificence of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig , it was a ticking time bomb that went off.

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