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‘The Call of the Wild’ Advance Screening Reviews

The advance screening of “The Call of the Wild” was yesterday – Feb 13, 2020. The movie was thought provoking and entertaining. It highlighted the idea that all LIVING THINGS should be treated with love because we are all inhabitants of earth. God put the breath of life into each one of us, giving each one of us the right to life. All living things thrive on LOVE. There will always be the weak ones among us and it is our duty to stand up for them and with them. All living things play a significant role in ensuring that life on earth is sustained for ourselves and our future generations.

Other reviews from winners of the contest can be seen below:

It was a thought-provoking experience. How change affects our attitude, brings out the inner strength in us and aligns us to unusual and unexpected alliances.
The drastic migration of Buck across such a weather change and responsibility and how it adapted and conquered its challenges, shows that nothing is impossible. Added to the unspoken relationship it shared with HF, and the needed catalyst to take action, it further shows how we all could do with some positive relationships to help us turn our dreams to goals and our goals to reality.
I found the movie interesting. – Uche Okugo

Thank you Obie Agusiegbe and EnvironBuzz for the tickets to the advanced screening. It was an awesome movie even if you aren’t a Dog lover. The classic novel of Call of the Wild is so realistic that you are carried into a world of adventure. Definitely 5 Stars. ~ Monica Czorny

Wow ! Very captivating movie . Thank you Obie Agusiegbe and @EnvironFocus for giving me the opportunity to experience it . I appreciate it ~ Abi Omo

Very intriguing movie…provoking thought…a most watch!! Thank you EnvironBuzz @Obie for this experience.. ~ Edosa Adams

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  1. Based on Jack London 1903’s novel, the 2020 film “Call of the Wild” is a beautiful adaption.

    Warning*****Spoilers Ahead*******

    We are introduced to Buck, right away, a St. Bernard/Scotch Collie mix with a keen intelligence and adorable eyes. Although pampered by his owner a Judge in California, Buck is totally out of his environment wreaking havoc everywhere.

    The story cuts to the chase with Buck being kidnapped and sold into service as a sled dog. It’s the 1890s, and Buck lands in the bustling town of Skagway, Alaska, gateway to the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. Buck is patiently trained by Perrault (Omar Sy) and François (Cara Gee), who run a mail-delivery route for the U.S. government. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Northern Lights we see Buck’s sterling qualities and abilities.

    In Skagway, Buck forms a connection with John Thornton (Harrison Ford), whose life has been sharply impacted by the loss of his son. Ford’s minimalist acting is a pleasure to watch.

    When the mail route is axed Buck is sold again to an inexperienced trio, and is left for dead, after severe ill-treatment. Thornton steps in and rescues Buck. Man and dog form a beautiful bond and decide to set off on an adventure. There, in the remote but idyllic spot Buck seems to have found his calling.

    Although some of the CGI effects seem over the top, the simplicity of the story and the breathtaking scenery, carries the film through. Narrated by Ford in a suitably gruff voice, you would have to have be pretty hard-hearted not to be touched by this movie.

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