The EKCEP Webinar – May 2021

Listen to experts talk about Sustainable Agriculture, Agroecology and Aquaponics

In week 5 of EKCEP: SDG 2 – 2.4, we hosted a webinar and invited experts to discuss sustainable agriculture and aquaponics with our EKCEP 2021 students and teachers. The EKCEP students, teachers, and others who joined us worldwide got to hear Kent NnadozieAbram J. Bicksler, and Phil Fung‘s insightful presentations on SDG 2: Zero Hunger, which left us all feeling inspired and ready to make a difference in the world.

The students will use the knowledge gained through the webinars and apply it to the work that they are doing in the EKCEP program. The students in Nigeria will be fundraising to construct an Aquaponic food system in St. Patrick’s College, Awka, Nigeria. An Aquaponic food system uses nutrient-rich aquaculture water to grow plants without the use of soil. We hope that you will support their fundraising campaigns. More details will be coming soon, so stay tuned! On the other hand, the students in Canada will design an infographic that will provide information about sustainable food production systems and the traditional methods (old methods) and technological innovations (New techniques) for Resilient Agricultural Practices.

Here are the speakers that shared their knowledge with the students to help them in their objective:

Kent Nnadozie

“Agricultural activities have the biggest impact on the environment.”

“People need to know where their food comes from. Food in the supermarket does not grow in the supermarket.”

Abram J. Bicksler

“Trans-disciplinarity is key and will be increasingly important in the future.”

“Embrace complexity and systems thinking in our increasingly complex world.”

“Agriculture doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it is in a particular environmental and socio-cultural context.”

Phil Fung

“If I can help people to appreciate nature, more people will work with nature and more people will protect nature.”

“If people don’t see the value in nature, they won’t care. But if they see the value in nature, they will love nature, they will harmonize with nature.”

You can watch the Webinar Recordings here:

The FAO with Kent Nnadozie & Agroecology with Abram J. Bicksler

Aquaponics with Phil Fung

Listen to what the EKCEP students think about our program:

Listen to Philippa Peters and Uzoegbo Chidera Sixtus talk about EKCEP 2021.

EKCEP helps to develop self-confidence within the students in understanding their role as Youths in aiding the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. By increasing their knowledge and allowing them to take action, EKCEP fosters innovation by helping students to harness their potential. When the youths understand their connection to poverty alleviation, their willingness to transfer and apply the knowledge they have learned in their communities increases. EKCEP provides the platform for exchanging knowledge and culture that enables the youths to help bring change to their communities.

The webinars that EnvironFocus hosts are one of the sources of knowledge and culture exchange. The students are allowed to interact with the experts by asking them questions. Through this, EnvironFocus provides a platform for collective action in solving sustainability issues affecting continents. Last week’s webinars tackled aquaponics, sustainable food production systems, and resilient agricultural practices. The speakers did a commendable job breaking down the complex topics to make it easy for the students to understand and answer all questions that the audience asked. You can see the recordings of the webinars above.

EnvironFocus wants to thank all the speakers for taking out the time to share their knowledge and encouraging insightful discussions. We also want to thank iSERVE2050 for sponsoring this year’s EKCEP program. iSERVE2050 is an Experiential Leadership Training Platform focused on transforming Alaigbo and Africa, one youth and woman leader at a time. 

You can support this initiative and help make a difference in the lives of youths by sponsoring them to participate in our EnvironFocus Knowledge and Culture Exchange Program (EKCEP). You can contact us to partner with us or for more information at or call us at 1800 474 2650.

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