Unethical Behaviours by Organizations

Organizations in general, should not take advantage of the fact that under developed countries such as African nations have lax regulatory system and so sell products banned or controlled in the United States and other western countries to these countries liberally for monetary gain. It is very unethical and wicked to do this to your fellow human beings. An example is the chemical company, Monsanto, and their Roundup weed killer products. A World Health Organization report found that the ingredient, glyphosate contained in herbicides produced by Monsanto, is likely posing considerable risk to people. According to the United Nations the health effects are worrying to say the least and the ingredient is probably carcinogenic to humans. According to reports, Nigeria is the next market for these products. Real caution should be exercised by the leaders of these nations. Yes, high yield is wanted by farmers to feed starving nations but not at the expense of the health of their citizens. Sick people are unable to eat. The western world went for these products but they are experiencing the health repercussions, hence, the ban on these products by most countries, especially those that have universal health care systems in place. #HealthIsWealth #SustainableDevelopment

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