Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Climate Adaptation: The Potency of Innovation

Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Climate Adaptation: The Potency of Innovation Webinar

Our October webinar, “Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Climate Adaptation: The Potency of Innovation,” took place on Friday, October 29th, 2021, from 11 AM-12 PM ET.

The webinar covered SDG 9 and, as always, SDG13. Climate Change presents one of the greatest threats to human security and sustainable affluence in the 21st century. African countries are more vulnerable to climate disasters because of their higher rates of poverty, greater social inequality, lack of “climate-defense” infrastructure, and lack of access to insurance. Despite Africa bearing no historical responsibility for climate change, they still have to deal with its consequences. Still, with these threats emerges opportunities.

Solomon Owusu-Amankwaah
Solomon Owusu-Amankwaah, Executive Director of AGIs Ghana Young Entrepreneurs Roundtable on SDGs and Consultant for Ghana Bamboo bikes

Our Speaker was Solomon Owusu-Amankwaah. He is the Executive Director of AGIs Ghana Young Entrepreurs Roundtable on SDGs and Consultant for Ghana Bamboo bikes. An experienced development scientist and business strategist who has held successful positions in industry and the non-governmental sector and made notable contributions both as a co-entrepreneur and a manager. He has co-authored important publications with his American collaborators and supports the management of high-profile Networks funded by the World Bank and local Agencies as a Top Executive, most notably the Climate Innovation Enterprise Network of Ghana (CIENOG). He has for several years being a strong voice in the areas of climate action and environmental sustainability through his collaborative projects with UNDP/SGP and the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

Solomon spoke on why adaptation matters, why innovation matters, and lessons from innovative solutions. According to him, there are four basic reasons why you should care about adaptation. The first reason is that the climate problem poses and existential threat to you and I. Our very existence depends on how well we are able to adapt to the effects of climate change. Another reason is that until disruptive solutions are found on a global scale, the only way to cope with climate change is to devise local strategies to adapt. Another reason we have to adapt, is because sometimes solutions can take decades to emerge. And the last reason why we need to adapt to climate change is because during this Decade of Action on the SDGs, adaptation offers an opportunity to supercharge the sustainability transition. We extend our gratitude and thanks to him.

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