‘What not to do to the Environment’

China’s economic growth is awesome but it was done to the detriment of the environment, which directly affects the health and well being of its people. Could that same growth have been achieved at a slower pace using best available technology that does little or no harm to the environment? The answer is Yes. Now there is a strong push for environmental protection – after the fact.

End of pipe solutions ( Clean up) are much more expensive than prevention control measures. According to reports, only eight of 74 Chinese cities met national standards for clean air the year before and sixty percent of ground water in one official survey was deemed “bad” or “very bad,”. How many lives will this fast economic growth cost? How much suffering to its people and to the world? Considering that there are no barricades stopping polluted air from flowing from one country to the other neither can the flow of groundwater be stopped as all road leads to rivers, wetlands and ocean around the world. As they say, money does not buy health. It can buy or build electronics, nicer houses etc. but it doesn’t buy health.

Sadly, this model of economic growth is not new. Most rich countries today built their economies that way and we all are currently paying for it – drought, earthquakes, floods, Tsunamis, Hurricanes etc. Africa, for the sake of the planet, should learn from this and take the route toward sustainable economic growth with the environment as a priority.

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