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The Youth and 3Rs program is an innovative stewardship initiative of Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria (SWRC Nigeria). The program focus is on the improvement of Nigeria’s recycling rate among the Nigerian Youths. This program is done in partnership with Educational institutions in Nigeria. The goal of the program is knowledge transfer of the 3Rs to the Nigerian youth through Member Schools.  The intended outcomes include the following:

  • Application of knowledge gained in the 3Rs in their everyday lives
  • Share knowledge gained with their families.
  • Option to set up a recycling club which will be recognized by Lagos state through Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)

To usher in the

program, there will be an event taking place on Thursday, November 17, 2016. The event will be centered on students in Class 6 (Senior Secondary 3 (SS3) or Grade 12) in the host school. The host school is S-TEE International School, located at 5th Avenue H Close Festac Town, Lagos State, Nigeria. The event will run from 12-2pm. About 50 students from the school will be participating in the event. The event will run for about two (2) hours and will consist of the following:

  • An information session on the concept and application of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • An Information session about the Recycling Club initiative
  • Refreshments
  • Photo session

Each student will receive a reusable bag that can be used for shopping, replacing the conventional plastic bags. They will also receive other promotional items from partner organizations in Canada. The event will be covered by the Media.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Mirabelle at 18664631104 ext 104, Obie @ 6475017741 (Canada) 08179752330 (Nigeria), Taiwo @ 0706 203 1060 or send an email to for more information. More information about SWRC Nigeria can be found at The SWRC Nigeria website is under construction.

Sponsors include:

1. Nature Cares Resource Center, Lagos Nigeria
2. Taiwo Adewole & Associates, Lagos Nigeria
3. Mother to Be, Lagos Nigeria
4. Kendor Consulting, Lagos Nigeria (
5. Adnil Travel and Tours, Lagos Nigeria
6. Cash Hunters Lagos Nigeria
7. Morning Star Middle School, Ontario Canada
8. Whole Woman Network, Ontario Canada
9. Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)
10. United Bank for Africa PLC, Lagos Nigeria

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