The Youth and the 3Rs School Program – Report

The Youth and the 3Rs School Program was inaugurated in Nigeria on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at S-TEE International Secondary School, located at 5th Avenue H Close Festac Town, Lagos State, Nigeria. The Youth and 3Rs School Program is an innovative stewardship program run under Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria (SWRC Nigeria) – an initiative of EnvironFocus Incorporated.

The program focus is on the improvement of Nigeria’s recycling rate among the Nigerian Youths. The objective is to establish a Recycling Club in every educational institution in Nigeria and connect each school to a Recycling/Collection business in Nigeria. This is in line with the overall objective of the NGO, which is to help coordinate waste recycling activities in Nigeria.

The inauguration was very successful. It was great to see that the school – S-Tee International Secondary School had taken the collaboration very seriously and had gone ahead to buy bins and labelled them accordingly with the purpose of separating waste at source, which they had successfully achieved with the help of their ‘Earth helpers’ (Cleaners). EnvironFocus is proud to have influenced such a positive change via SWRC Nigeria. At the end of the event, each student received a reusable shopping bag to replace the conventional plastic bags. They also received other promotional items from partner organizations in Canada. They had food and drink. The event was covered by the Media.

Following the inaugural event, S-Tee international Secondary School’s Recycling Club, our premier club, made up of about 20 students,  was instituted on November 30, 2016 on the school grounds. The grade 8 Students of Morning Star Middle School, Mississauga, Ontario Canada participated via Skype. The mandate of the club is to ensure all waste generated in the school is segregated with the goal of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste.

To ensure this mandate is achieved, the Recycling club has been paired with Recycle Point. Recycle Point is a waste collection and recycling business in Nigeria and a collection system was developed.  The Recycling club will get rewarded for their efforts via a point system developed by Recycling Point.  The Recycling Club will monitor the collection and keep a record of all recyclables collected. The Recycling club  hopes to be able to get enough points to win a Laptop and more from Recycle Points. The club plans to schedule a visit to the Recycle Point facility to see how their waste is recycled.

Following the success of the program, SWRC Nigeria’s 2017 plan is to ensure that a minimum of 20 schools become members of the NGO and 20 Recycling Clubs are established in Nigeria.

We are grateful to the Proprietress, Principal, Staff and the Students for their participation and making this a reality.

Thanks to our Youth and the 3Rs School Program Sponsors that supported our inaugural event in cash or in kind, which made for a very successful event and they are as follows:

  1. Nature Cares Resource Center, Lagos Nigeria
  2. Taiwo Adewole & Associates, Lagos Nigeria
  3. Mother to Be, Lagos Nigeria
  4. Kendor Consulting, Lagos Nigeria 
  5. Adnil Travel and Tours, Lagos Nigeria
  6. Cash Hunters Lagos Nigeria
  7. Morning Star Middle School, Ontario Canada
  8. Whole Woman Network, Ontario Canada
  9. Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)
  10. United Bank for Africa PLC, Lagos Nigeria

Click here to view pictures from the event. Videos will be uploaded soon.

For information about the Youth and the 3Rs School Program; Recycling Club; S-Tee International Secondary School Recycling Club; to become a member and have a Recycling Club established in your School or to affiliate your Recycling/Collection Business with a school, visit the SWRC Nigeria website at or click here or send an email to

For information about EnvironFocus Incorporated go to or click here.



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