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We are excited to introduce to you our brand new environment focused online store created to promote green vendors and their products. The purpose of the online store is to assist green vendors with their goal to market their products and services to a wider audience understanding that innovative marketing ideas are needed to get green products and services mainstream. The online store will achieve this by enabling visibility to their products and services in one easily accessible location to customers under a brand that is known for its work and advocacy in sustainability issues. 


Donor Friendly Products​

Products sold in our store are donor friendly. Customers may choose to buy the products in bulk at a discounted price for vulnerable groups in African Countries. 

For Personal Use

Most products sold in our store can also be for personal use and all purchased goods will be shipped to customer address. 

Nigeria-Bound Products

Some of the Products like the LifeStraw Water Filters are donor friendly products and can only be shipped to Nigeria. Customers located outside Nigeria can only purchase them if their intent is to ship to Nigeria. Customers in Nigeria can purchase the filters for their own use. 

Water Filters

Availing Safe Drinking Water

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Natural Products

Products that are good for you

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