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LifeStraw® Autofill is LifeStraw Community with an Autofill attachment. It embodies all the features of a LifeStraw Community.

  • Designed for communities with access to piped or tap water that may not be safe.
  • It allows users to connect a piped or tap water source to the LifeStraw Community directly for easy and quick filling.
  • Designed to work with the standard range of water pressure that comes from taps.
  • Includes a pre-filter of 200 microns that reduces turbidity (muddiness)
  • Accepts sources with water pressure
  • between 1 to 3 Bar
  • The fill-rate is 0.5L to 3L per minute
  • Adapts to standard hose connections (15 mm and 19 mm diameters)


  • WEIGHT: 19 lbs
  • CAPACITY: 70,000 – 100,000 L
  • DIMENSIONS: 22’’ x 22’’ x 24’’


  1. 25 liters of untreated water is piped into the top of the unit
  2. The pre-filter removes coarse particles larger than 80 microns
  3. Ultra filtration occurs within the hollow-fiber membrane cartridge, turbidity particles and pathogens larger than 0.02 microns stay on the dirty side of the membrane, clean water passes through
  4. The blue tap is turned to release purified water and can be collected from any of the four taps
  5. When the backwashing lever is released, the dirty side of the membrane is flushed out into the red backwash container

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