The EnvironFocus Pathway to Sustainability Process

Before the process starts, inquiring employers must fill out this form here. They will provide basic contact information about their business and a representative will be in touch within 24 hours. to provide information on the process.

Funding Process

Sourcing and Applying for Funds – Project Management SupportThe Government has various funding programs to assist organizations in implementing net-zero and social impact projects. Funding ranges between 50 -100% depending on the project.
Sourcing and Applying for Funds -Workforce Development/SupportGovernment funding for the program takes different forms.

1. Where there exists the option of the Government paying 100% of the salary (minimum wage), the Employer will only pay the additional wage above the minimum wage and Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs) (if applicable). 
2. Where the option of the Government paying less than 100% of the minimum wage exists, Employers will pay the remaining percentage and Mandatory Employer Related Costs (MERCs) (if applicable). Governments may pay 50 – 80% of the youth’s salary in such cases.

Program Cost

Clients must subscribe to the Program. The benefits are

  1. Access to ELC, which has training courses, webinars, presentations, scheduled site visits etc. Subscription is valued at $1000 per year
  2. EnvironBuzz magazine: Organizations will be able to communicate/publish their sustainability journey on the EnvironBuzz magazine at least once a month (12 times a year) – Valued at $560 per article at $6,720+ per year
  3. An Assessment report valued at $3000

Organizations will pay an annual non-refundable subscription fee to the program of CAD 5500 to register for the program and begin the process.

Project development and implementation cost is excluded and to be determined based on goals and objectives.

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