Renewable Energy Workshop Series: Biomass/Biofuels and Wind Energy

The 18th Environfocus community event and 5th of the renewable energy series Eco Rendezvous – Biomass/Biofuel and wind energy were held on May 4, 2013, at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Toronto – Mississauga at 10 am. Biochar Ontario partnered with EnvironFocus to organize the event. Biochar AGM followed immediately after Eco rendezvous. It was a good partnership. The event was well attended. The purpose of the event was to provide an informal forum to create awareness of biomass/biofuel and wind energy as available environmental solutions in a way understood by the public. It was also about linking existing small -medium-size businesses to an interested audience (Residents or enterprises). On display was Sumagreen, a bio-soil amendment product.

The report on the event can be viewed at