Clean Technology Transfer | Nationally Determined Contributions Review


Start Date (Online): February 10, 2022, 9 am – 12 pm

Target Audience: Clean Technology Companies interested in doing business in African countries

Reference Materials:

Readings will be assigned in the course elements.

Statement of Underlying Philosophy:

Climate Change presents one of the greatest threats to human security and sustainable affluence in the 21st century. African countries are more vulnerable to climate disasters because of their higher rates of poverty, greater social inequality, lack of “climate-defence” infrastructure, and lack of access to insurance. Despite Africa bearing no historical responsibility for climate change, they still have to deal with its consequences.

The intent of course:

The course will provide the required fundamental knowledge and skills that clean technology businesses will need to do business in Africa.

Course Description:

This course is designed to help Cleantech businesses understand the clean technology project development and implementation needs of West African countries based on their Nationally Determined Contributions reports. It will enable these countries to meet their adaptation and mitigation commitments.This course is also run on demand for clients interested in our Clean technology transfer services

Learning Outcomes:

Broad: Drive the implementation of credible climate change projects in West Africa

Specific: Participants completing this course will be able to:

  • Understand the Priority sectors and technologies and their accredited businesses required to do business in specific Western African countries.
  • Understand the interdependency and the need for concerted and coordinated action by government, business, communities, and the general population

Instructional Methods:

The goal is to determine the student’s current knowledge and skill and provide new information and experiential learning opportunities.

Instructional Strategies to be used will ensure that a variety of resources is used to address different learning styles or multiple intelligences.

The cost for the online program is $99

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The program can be run in-person or online. Contact us at or send us a message below.