EnvironFocus Webinars (EW)

EnvironFocus Webinars (EW) is primarily a platform to promote global/ transboundary sustainability ideas, and secondarily, a platform to encourage cleantech/ sustainability organizations and showcase what they do.

It is also an avenue to connect global businesses to green opportunities in Africa.

The events run from 11 am -12:30 pm EST, and are open to the public. We usually have people attending from different parts of the world. Dominant countries are Nigeria, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ghana, Cameroon, UAE, India, and the United States. Our speakers are generally from INGOs like UNDP, FAO and the private sector. 

We have an average of 100 people attending our events. Attendees consist of individuals and organizations from government agencies, international NGOs, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

The webinars are hosted on the third week of every month to share sustainability issues and solutions from a global perspective. Participants get a Certificate of Participation. It is a Professional Development Credits (PDC) activity


Our speakers are experts and are either individuals or representatives of their organizations. Individuals and Organizations interested in sending representatives to speak at our event can get in touch via email at project@environfocus.com.

Upcoming events:

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