Sustainability Training

Our customized training curriculum assists in closing the knowledge gap on relevant environmental and sustainability issues. Our training will provide sustainability solutions. The training follows set industry-approved standards that can lead to certification, if and when required. We offer in-person and online training options.

Currently available courses:

Nationally Determined Contributions

This course is designed to help Cleantech businesses understand the clean technology project development and implementation needs of West African countries based on their Nationally Determined Contributions reports. It will enable these countries to meet their adaptation and mitigation commitments.

How To Address Waste Management In The African Context

This course is designed to aid the implementation of sustainable waste management practices in Africa. Identify solutions to improve current processes based on people’s cultures with lessons learned from developed countries.

How To Green Your Business By Sector

This course is designed to help participants through the process of integrating sustainability into their organization’s existing offerings and culture.